Poultry Fencing (Bi-oriented Net)

          Poultry Fencing (Bi-oriented Net) is manufactured using UV stabilized Polypropylene (PP).  It is durable, lightweight, weather resistant and allow you to put up temporary or permanent fences as needed to keep your chickens, game birds and other livestock safe and secure, either as indoor breeder houses or outdoor fencing, or feeding area.   It provides maximum air circulation in breeder houses.  
          This Bi-oriented Net can also be applied as a bird deterrent protective barrier that prevents pest or nuisance birds from coming into the environments where they are not needed, such as building facades, roofs, fire escapes, balconies. It is an economical and effective solution to stop pest birds from roosting, perching and nesting at commercial and residential structures, and without harming them.
  • Small animal fencing for chickens, ducks or bird
  • Anti-bird Net (bird control net)
  • Miscellaneous light & medium duty fencing, temporary fencing and many others