Plastic Hexagonal Mesh

          Plastic Hexagonal Mesh (Diamond Mesh) is produced using counter rotating die heads.  It can be made either from HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) or recycled plastic depending on customer’s need.  Our Plastic Hexagonal mesh is durable, rust free non-toxic with superior performance and available in Black and Green colour with a wide range of mesh aperture sizes. 
          Plastic Hexagonal Mesh is extruded in tubular form and slit lengthwise to create flat rolled material.  We distribute mainly to local and AEC markets. Tubular Mesh Sleeves are extruded using the same diamond mesh extrusion process but left unslit in tubular form.
Application : Plastic Hexagonal Mesh can be used for agriculture, aquaculture and industrial purposes.
  • General fencing (light & medium duty)
  • Pipeline protection to avoid damages on pipes and cables during embankment operations.
  • Tubular Mesh Sleeves for cylinders protective sleeve during storage, transport and handling.