Insect Screen

          The higher standards of living today have led us to become more alert and aware of health issues.

​          With more people owning homes, there is an increasing demand for solutions tackle issues of hygiene in our environment.  Our beautiful home deserves the protection it needs from disease-carrying flying insects such as mosquitoes that may spread Malaria, Dengue Fever, Sika and others with can be fatal.
          Thai Prasit Textile is pleased to introduce a wide variety of insect screen as solutions to mitigate the risks of harmful insects entering our homes.  With decades of experiments and experiences and the use of high-tech machineries, our superior quality insect screen nettings have gained the trust of our distributors, fabricators and consumers from both local and overseas markets.  We pride ourselves to be recognised as one of the world’s leading insect screen manufacturers today.

HDPE Insect Screen

          Our very first manufactured insect screen made from High Density Polyethylene.  Its high quality components have contributed to its toughness, durability, resistance to humidity and withstanding even in salty environment. 


GlassFiber Insect Screen

          Made from vinyl coated glass yarn, our Glassfiber Insect Screen is fire retardant and durable.  It allows good airflow and clear view through the screen. 


Pet Mesh

​          Pet Mesh is made from heavy-duty vinyl-coated polyester yarns, which is stronger than standard Glassfiber screen.  



          Mosnox is a HDPE mesh coated with an insecticide called Deltamethrin.  Deltamethrin is approved by the World Health Organisation (WHO) as the safest class of pesticide used for home pest control.



          Ecoscreen is made from polyolefins monofilament, which is an eco-friendly insect screen as it is 100% recyclable.  It is will not fray or unravel as the mesh is evenly thermo-bonded without any coating or harmful chemicals. 


Pleated Mesh

          Our latest PE Pleated Mesh is currently the most popular insect screen for both the local and overseas markets, due to its superior quality and modern design.