Our Journey

  • 1985

    Thai Prasit Textile Co., Ltd. was established in 1985 with its core business in producing High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) ropes and nettings. At the initial stage of our development, we offered agricultural screen nettings, HDPE insect screen, as well as HDPE woven fabric for the manufacture of "easy chair" and "net bags" and HDPE Rope & Twine. 

  • 1996

    In 1996, the company diversified its operations into producing Stainless Steel Wire Mesh in various weaves such as Plain Weave, Twill Weave, Plain Dutch Weave, Twill Dutch Weave, Screen Belt / Auto Screen Filter, Finished Products / Customer-Made with the initial technical support from Germany. Besides supplying our woven wire cloth in rolls, our well-equipped factory can produce finished products in different shapes and sizes such as circular disks, cylinders or strips, to suit customers' requirements. 

  • 2002

    A more mature experience, harmoniously added to the fresh ingenuity of a younger generation maintains our ability to remain up to date with advancements in design and technology. As such, the year 2002 saw an introduction of Glassfiber Insect Screen as the first and the only one manufacturer in Thailand and AEC (ASEAN Economic Community) of such product until today.

  • 2003

    During the year 2003, in order to support the increasing growth of the agriculture and construction sectors, we expanded our range of products with a new production of “Extruded Plastic Mesh”.  There are 5 categories of Extruded Plastic Mesh which are successfully launched into the market: Safety & Barrier Fence, Plant Support Net, Poultry Fencing, Plastic Square Mesh and Hexagonal Plastic Mesh Today, we are the biggest market player of Extruded Plastic Mesh in Thailand and the AEC.

  • 2011

    In 2011, Thai Prasit Textile introduced Pet Mesh into the local market. It is the best and remarkable solution to the problems of damaged insect screens caused by animals such as dogs and cats. Pet Mesh can also be used to keep out bugs & mosquitoes.

  • 2014

    As an innovator and constantly updating & upgrading ourselves, the year 2014 saw the introduction of 2 new products: MOSNOX (Insecticide Coated HDPE Mesh) and ECOSCREEN (Eco-Friendly Insect Screen), into the market as the alternative smart choices of enhanced insect screen products.

  • 2015

    A year later, our latest product – PE Pleated Mesh was introduced into the local market as the first of its kind in Thailand.  With the latest in technology and design, its superior quality enables the pleated mesh to be foldable and retractable, and at the same time look almost invisible to the eye. Applicable indoors, for the house or office, it can take the widest view and yet offers comfortable vision.  It is eco-friendly without any harmful coating of chemicals or resins, and is durable.  This product has gained much popularity in the market.

  • 2017


    With continued growth, we are pleased to introduce our HDPE Raschel Knitted Net which is a more durable shading net with better resistance to weather. Its recyclable nature makes it environmentally friendly as we strive in our quest to provide sustainable products and offering a wider range of choices for our customers.

    As an innovator, we will continue to explore and discover new opportunities in pursuit to fulfil the purpose of our existence and to achieve our vision to be the leader in bringing mesh solutions to your daily practical need. 
    Thank you for your continuous support.